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50% Off Premium Pay Per Head Tools & Features— Limited Time Only

Premium Pay Per Head Tools & FeaturesOnline bookies should already have their sportsbook ready for soccer betting and the FIFA World Cup. With $490 Billion gambled on soccer yearly, the World Cup will only increase soccer betting action.

In order to make the most out of this event, online bookies should upgrade their status to a premium sportsbook solution. understands the importance of this once-every-4-year opportunity. That’s why they’ve dropped the price on the Prime Package to just $6.50 per head!

That’s their premium sportsbook package, designed for making online bookies more cash.

But, why choose Prime?


PayPerHead Prime Tools & Features

  • The BetAlert tool—get notified when a big bet is placed and have the ability to adjust lines accordingly
  • Use the TV Listings so bookies can promote specific matches to World Cup casual bettors based on their favorite teams & viewing options.
  • The Line Mover allows online bookies to move the line up or down a half point—you’ll never risk a refund again.
  • Find your soccer bettors with easily generated 15+ customizable templates for reports.
  • Analyze weekly balances that include an in-depth report for an agent or a player in a efficient and easier way.
  • Schedule Limit Override - Set scheduled circle limits on a sport, period, or even a profile before the action gets too hot.
  • Create Settle Alerts—be sure to collect and payout what’s due before the World Cup starts.

Why PayPerHead Prime?

Bookies use PayPerHead Prime to take their FIFA sportsbooks to the next level. Use FIFA World Cup to start building your Master Agent Network. 

Plus, keep your bettors entertained with a live casino between World Cup matches, plus get it all for 50% off the regular Prime Price.

Keep your players betting with premium live dealer rates in our Live Casino. At 50% off the regular price, your players won’t be the only one excited.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your sports betting empire with software made to generate more money on every game across 80+ leagues—including the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Keep your money where it belongs—in your wallet.

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