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Wild Card Weekend: Colts at Bills

billsnflIt’s the opening weekend for the NFL Playoffs, and sports news sites like Sports Interaction are focused on one thing: Wild Card Weekend. Wild Card weekend has 6 games for this round, and we’re bringing you the news on the first game of the weekend, the Colts at Bills. Number 7 Colts will play at Number 2 Bills this Saturday, at 1:05 PM Eastern. Let’s take a look at both teams and their chances for the first game of the round.

Many sportsbook pay per head bookies already have the lines set for this, with some having a spread for Buffalo at -6.5. As an overview, the Bills are in the playoffs 3 out of 4 recent years, after not getting into the playoffs for around 17 years. However, the team has not been able to win a single game in the playoffs since the 90’s. Buffalo, meanwhile is on a roll. They have been good at outscoring their opponents since week 12.

Colts at Bills

The Colts will probably have lower pass attempts this time. Not for a lack of skill, but as a strategy. They need to run the ball as much as they can and keep Allen and the likes out as long as they can. This can slow down the defense of Buffalo, and can work for the Colts. The Colts can use the likes of Bobby Okereke to make Allen throw under. While many bettors think this will be a steal for Buffalo, there is always the chance that the Colts can win this.

Looking at the sports betting stats, we can see that the Bills have covered 6 of their 8 home games. This is the second-best cover rate (home). Many experts are going for the bills to win by a large margin here. You can check the latest lines in your favorite sportsbook. IF you haven’t found one yet, browse through these sportsbook reviews and see if any would catch your interest.


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