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Top NFL Injuries that will affect Your NFL Week 8 Betting

Top NFL Injuries that will affect Your NFL Week 8 BettingNFL Week 7 is over and this means that NFL teams are now licking their wounds and taking into account how the wounded will affect the roster for the upcoming Week 8 of the NFL. 

It would be a very long article if we went into all of the NFL injured players and how it will affect your football betting so let’s just go into the top injuries that may affect your betting bankroll!

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriot

When it comes to handicapping the Patriots they are in most cases the favorite to win any game but here is a kicker that may affect the point spread when they take on the Bills this Sunday at 1PM Et.

New England is currently a -6.5 to -7 favorite but this could change either way between now and Sunday based on whether Lesean McCoy gets back in the game from a hamstring injury he sustained last Sunday against Miami.

BetAnySports.comHis injury had been bothering him all through the week and if he can get back on the roster at more or less full strength, he may just give you that betting edge if you bet on the underdog on the spread.  Currently, has the Patriots at -6.5 so to be or not to be is the question.  Should you place your bet now in hope that McCoy will be back or play it safe and wait until the last minute?

 Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are barely hanging on to the #1 spot in the NFC South after a moral breaking loss in overtime last week against the Chargers. During that game, Falcons Running Back Tevin Coleman suffered a hamstring injury and so far, the verdict does not look good and it looks like he will be out for NFL Week 8.

With him out of the game, Devonta Freeman will certainly feel the pressure from the Packers’ defense.  The football handicappers believe that the Falcons will still be able to defeat the Packers in a close game with a spread ranging from -3 from Las Vegas while most online sportsbooks have them as a -2.5 favorite.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will be playing a crucial game this Sunday when they take on the Eagles at 8:30PM ET.  If the Cowboys lose, it becomes a tie between them and the Eagles in the NFC East.

The big question is whether Dex Bryant, the wider receiver for the Cowboys will be back to 100% as he returns to the game after a knee injury that made him miss the last three games.  Some believe that after the Cowboys’ win against the Packers last week will motivate Bryant to go above and beyond after he was shown that the Cowboys can win without him.

The sportsbooks seem to agree as the Cowboys are currently a -4.5 favorite!

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