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The NFL Season Begins Amidst a Pandemic

nflopenThe NFL has done it. Months of a private off-season and trainings with a host of protocols to follow during a pandemic has paid off. The NFL began its season right on schedule- September 10. The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Houston Texans, and a limited number of fans were able to witness a truly unique football season. Sports bettors were also able to finally see football action, as there was no preseason this year. Many who want to earn from sports betting, specifically football, can be an online bookie and work from the safe confines of their homes.

Many bookie pay per head reviews are pointing people to the right sports betting platforms that are readily available to be used. And given that the NFL is doing everything it can to ensure smooth sailing throughout the season, there are a lot of opportunities to earn big on what could be an unpredictable season.

NFL Season Amidst a Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is not the only problem that the league faces. Social justice issues, player opt-outs, and more are reshaping the league. First off, a lot of measures are made to reduce the risk of an outbreak in the league. Social distancing, mask wearing, and daily testing are a few of the measures everyone needs to do to remain safe.

Even with a few scares during training camp, the league is managing and adjusting its protocols to ensure that the season not only starts on time, but that the schedule will stay on point as much as it can. The season is scheduled to end in Florida on February with Super Bowl LV. Many are unsure if the season will be adjusted due to an outbreak, player boycotts similar to the NBA, among others. But sports betting operators like are locked and loaded with lines for upcoming games, futures wagers, and more.


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