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Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign Antonio Brown to a one-year deal

Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign Antonio Brown to a one-year dealBig news for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the past few days, as the team confirmed the signing of veteran wide receiver Antonio Brown, on a one-year deal. Rumors had spread since the beginning of the season that Brady wanted Brown on the team, as a part of his support cast, and the latest actions and results have made it possible, understanding that the NFL multiple ring winning legend needed more help than what he was getting on the field.

Antonio Brown did play alongside Tom Brady before already, back in 2019, when he arrived as a flaming new star to the New England Patriots, but was only able to play one game, a blowout 43-0 win over the Miami Dolphins, where he had 4 catches, 56 total yards and 1 TD.


Everything seemed to be working out, Brady even invited Brown to stay in his house when he first arrived, so the chemistry was there; however, Brown quickly got into legal trouble, and the team let him go just 2 weeks after signing him.

Due to those legal issues and different sanctions from the league, Brown received an 8-game unpaid suspension back in July, which now means that he could be available for Tampa Bay’s Week 9 game against New Orleans Saints, on November 8th. Brady definitely needs more help on the Wide Receiver end, if the team plans to make it to the playoffs and try to take advantage of Brady’s experience, so in that sense, this contract makes a lot of sense.

Is Antonio Brown a good fit for the Buccaneers?

This is something we definitely need to wait and see. On paper it certainly looks great, in real life we all know there are things that can affect how positive or negative his impact is on the team and the team’s overall chemistry.

There are two key factors to make this signing work in favor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians and Tom Brady.

Coach Arians initially dismissed any chance of having Brown on his team, a few months ago, but now things have turned, and the 32-year-old player is right there waiting for his chance. The team’s management seems to believe that Arian’s seniority and experience are enough to handle a controversial player and make the most out of him.

On Brady’s side, as we said already, there was good chemistry already from before, plus now he knows that having a veteran and high quality wide receiver like Brown on his side, can definitely make a difference, so we’re sure they will make this work, or at least will try as hard as possible to do it.

As far as Brown himself goes, as long as he can commit to the team, keep his head in the game and really go out and play for the fin of the game and to try to make things happen for the team, we all know he’s more than capable. If things get messy off the court, then we all know how that can end up.

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