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Super Bowl 53: The Favorites

superbowl 53Remember the 41-33 win of the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots last Super Bowl LII? You could relive that experience again this year, according to Vegas. Sportsbook favorites point to the Eagles and the Patriots to win the Lombardi Trophy for the 2018 season. If you have read through your bookie pay per head reviews, then you know how much money you can earn from the NFL. And the action is already building up.

New England is currently at +650, with Philadelphia at +850. The LA Rams are 10/1. With Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Minnesota are at 12/1. New Orleans is at 16/1. For a team that did not reach the postseason before, the Green Bay Packers are enjoying great odds.

Super Bowl Preseason Favorites: The Eagles and The Patriots

Perhaps there is confidence in Aaron Rodgers and what the signal-caller can do this season. New England, meanwhile, has won the AFC East 15 times already. This was in the same span of the time that the Patriots have made it to the Super Bowl in 3 out of 4 most recent seasons. Even more, in 8 out of 17 seasons in total.

The fact that New England is also in a winnable division increases their chances of getting into the Super Bowl. Philadelphia could wait for New England to get up there. Especially now that Carson Wentz, quarterback, is back and well-recovered from his injury. Philadelphia does have Nick Foles, who won the Lombardi Trophy. That man is now loved by Philadelphia. This makes the Eagles in a better position for gaining success in the long-term. There are even odds that are saying that Brady and Wentz will get a chance at each other in the upcoming Super Bowl. Previously, they missed the last showdown.

Here are the current preseason odds to win the Super Bowl 53:

 NE +650

 PHI +850

 LAR 10/1

 GB/PIT/MIN 12/1

 NO 16/1

 JAX/ ATL/LAC 20/1

 SF/HOU 22/1

 DAL 25/1

 KC 30/1

 OAK/CAR 35/1


 NYG/SEA 50/1

 DET 65/1

 IND 66/1

WSH/ CLE/TB 75/1

 CHI 80/1

 CIN 100/1

 ARI 125/1

 MIA/BUF 150/1

 NYJ 200/1

Of course, these odds may change over the course of the season. So keep track of the updates in the NFL and their teams, and rosters. Look out for staff changes and player injuries. These things can change the odds for your team.


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