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NFL Week 4 Predictions by Power Ranking

NFL Week 4 Predictions by Power RankingNFL Week 3 was full of great football betting action that taught us that young quarterbacks are currently all of the rage this season for a reason.  We got 2 undefeated teams at 3-0 (Eagles and Broncos) and the Cowboys with a 2-1 record each with a 23 year old quarterback.

So what else have we learned from Week 3 that will carry us over to Week 4?  In term of Power Ranking, we got the Broncos, the Patriots, the Eagles, the Ravens and the Vikings who are currently undefeated giving them some nice momentum for Week4.

Panthers vs. Falcons NFL Week 4 Prediction

For starters, the Carolina Panthers who are the current NFC defending champions are not looking so hot in their offense and have lost 2 of 3 games.

The Falcons on the other hand have won their last 2 games which were on the road placing the football handicappers are on the fence as to who will win their match up this Sunday.  At the moment, most online sportsbooks like has the Panthers as a favorite at -3.

However, we say that if you are going to bet on this game, go against the spread as we predict the Falcons will beat the Panthers 30-27.

Bills vs. Patriots NFL Week 4 Prediction

Ok, we admit that this prediction is a cop out as the majority of handicappers and the most of the population around the world that follows the NFL agrees that the Patriots will defeat the Bills.

However, in the sports betting world it does not mean that they will cover the spread and the top sportsbooks around the world can’t seem to agree on what the spread should be.  We got Las Vegas bookies giving them a spread ranging from -3 to -6 and on the side of the online sportsbooks we got most of them too scared to post a line yet.  Only and  have their odds up with the Patriots at -4.5.

Our prediction, take a ride to Vegas and you find a book that can offer you a better spread than -4.5 on the Patriots.  If you can’t find one, bet on the underdog as its gonna be a close one with a Patriots victory with a final score of 26-21.

Thursday Night Football Prediction – Dolphins vs. Bengals

So, the Dolphins got a break last Sunday giving them a 1-2 record while leaving the Browns with an even worst 0-3 record.  This Thursday, the Dolphins are back going against another team in that is in the same league as the Browns and the Cappers are all thinking that last week’s win by the Dolphins was a fluke.

This is why the sportsbooks currently have the Bengals as a 7-7.5 point favorite over the Dolphins and we have to concur that it will be a blow with the Bengals taking them down with a final score of 30-16.

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