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NFL Sunday Week 11 Predictions

NFL Sunday Week 11 PredictionsNFL week 10 was certainly an interesting one with lots of upsets and a few injuries like Julian Edelman getting injured and now on the limited list with a possibility of playing this Sunday.

They are still a lot of hopefuls for the playoffs but we know for sure that the Browns, the Jaguars, the Bears and the 49ers are now just playing for show.

This Sunday, most football handicappers have pretty much have their picks out and so do we.

Denver Broncos vs. New Orleans Saints

For this matchup, the bookies and the Vegas handicappers are both certain that it will be a close games giving the Saints the edge.

Las Vegas believes that they are worth a -3 point spread while the online sportsbooks can’t seem to get their act together with odds that kept changing during the week before settling down at -2.5 from 5Dimes to -3 by

On this note, we have to go with the favorite to not only win but cover the spread.  The Saints always seem to do well at home and despite starting off the season a big 0-3, they are on the road to being a wild card contender and they have the drive to keep the Broncos form taking it away from them.

Carolina Panthers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Prediction

BetOnline.agThis week our NFL prediction list is short and sweet.  Why? Because some many games this week are just too easy to predict correctly.  For example, the Carolina Panthers are out. 

So far this season that is quickly coming to an end, the Panthers have not had a single quality win.  It has been a circus to see them play and even though the bookmakers say that they are the favorite to win at -3, we predict that there is no way they will cover that spread if they manage to win the game.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Falcons have been an unpredictable team this season and despite it all, they still managed to lead the NFC South.  On the other hand, the Eagles have been a disappointment this season where many feel that they have been underperforming.

However, Carson Wentz showed last week that he can handle being in the spotlight but will that be enough when they go up against Atlanta this Sunday?

This is a tough one to call and even the sportsbooks can’t agree on a line that ranges from PK to -2.  Most sportsbooks like and  have them the Falcons as a -1 favorite at -108.

We have to give this matchup to the Falcons because despite the Eagles having a better offense, they lack the defense to stop Atlanta.

Our prediction says that Atlanta will win without any problems and will outscore the Eagles by at least a touchdown.

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