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NFL Players Question the NFL Safety Plan for Season

football 671224 640Most, if not all, of the professional sports leagues already have protocols in place for their respective seasons during a pandemic. The NBA and NHL will be doing a lock-in in a sports complex to minimize risk from travelling. The MLB restructured its divisions and will be reducing the number of games. Meanwhile, the NFL, who has a clean break as they are starting the season from the beginning, may not be as ready as everyone believes. And just days before training camps return, NFL players question the NFL safety plan proposed.

The NFL teams had a meeting and were able to get updates on the protocols that the NFL plans to implement for the coming season. The league has an agreement in place with the NFLPA regarding health and safety protocols. They aim to be able to hold a full regular season. Many sports-related businesses, including the best sportsbook pay per head, are also preparing for a complete season for America’s top sports league.

 NFL Players Question the NFL Safety Plan

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA), held a series of discussions online where players were given the chance to study and discuss any decisions they make for the season. The NFL, after all, is a logistically harder league to manage during a pandemic. For one, there are more athletes involved in the game, which brings about a set of challenges with containing and distancing.

Bookies who use betting software are managing to earn despite the pandemic, since their sportsbooks are online and accessible to everyone. But if the NFL changes its schedule, or cancels its season, a lot of people in both the sports and sports betting industry stand to lose a lot of potential income. Currently, each NFL team could already lose $70 this season. This is because to a shorter pre-season, as well as zero ticket sales.

Pay Per Head bookie solutions analysts are always checking the latest updates on sports, as any incident can change a planned sporting event. Players are also looking at the plans each team has – as they wonder if there are emergency response plans, testing protocols, among others. They also want to know how contracts as well as rosters will be affected if a player were to test positive to the coronavirus. With the regular season slated to start September 10, the league and their players have to come to an agreement on a truly safe and finalized set of protocols for the NFL.


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