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Monday Night Football Recap – What’s up with the Panthers?

Monday Night Football Recap – What’s up with the Panthers?Last night was probably one of the ugliest match-up that we will see this NFL season.  Let’s be honest and say it straight off the bat that the game was so bad, neither team deserved to win.  When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers took the field, football betting fans around the world thought that the Panthers had that game in the bag.

They and several football handicappers were wrong.  The final score ended up being 17-14 for the Buccaneers even though it looked like both teams looked like they just didn’t care about winning.

Considering that the Panthers’ were last year’s NFC champion, it is a surprise to see that they are  sad 1-4 this season and are currently in last place on the NFC South. 

Most fans of the Panthers are of course, looking for a comeback but the rest of us with a sane head on their shoulder know that they are out.

Only 8 teams in the history of the NFL have ever made a comeback from such a losing streak and the Panthers are not showing any signs that they are

Enough ripping on the Panthers and let’s take a look at exactly how bad was last night’s game.

The Buccaneers ran the ball 37 times and passed it a total of 30 times which shows that they either have a great offense or that the Panthers have an awful defense.  Since the final score ended up be 17-14, we are going go with a bad defense from the Panthers and a worst offense from the Buccaneers.

So the big question is what is going on with the Panther’s defense?  This is a team that one of the best defense in the league just one season ago.  The answer is that they really only have one guy on their defense team, Luke Kuechly who is not able to do the job by himself.

The Panthers’ backup Quarterback, Derek Anderson did a fairly good job last night but it just wasn’t enough to balance out their defense.  Fans are hoping that Cam Newton will be back along with their left tackle and their star outside linebacker who are all on the injury roster but will it be enough?

The problem at the moment is not their offense but their defense so unless they game make some major improvement by next Sunday when they take on the Saints, they will definitively be out of the playoffs this season.

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