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Injuries that will affect your NFL Week 14 Betting

Injuries that will affect your NFL Week 14 BettingWe are now about to go into Week 14 of the NFL and by now most of us and the football handicappers have a good idea as to which team will make the playoffs.  This is of course, except for a few teams that are not on maybe-ground for the playoffs.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys just might clinch a playoff spot if the Redskins or the Packers lose on Sunday but of course, they would rather make the playoffs by defeating the Giants. 

One the other end of the spectrum we have the Atlanta Falcons. After last Sunday’s 29-28 defeat by the Chiefs, the Falcons are now on shaky grounds about making the playoffs and winning the NFC South.

Yes, lots of maybes for the playoffs so let’s take a look at some injuries that just might affect your NFL betting and a team’s chance at making or not making the NFL Playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks just had a win last Sunday which should be enough for a spot in the playoffs.  However, they suffered a pretty big loss last Sunday when Earl Thomas was taken out due to a lower leg fracture after a collision with Kam Chancellor during the first half of the game.

BetOnline.agMost online sportsbooks have the Seahawks at -2.5 and is no exception and currently has them as a -2 favorite against Green Bay.

Back to the South Side of the NFL, we have the Atlanta Falcons who after suffering a close defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs will now go into Week 14 with Wide Receiver Julio Jones who was hobbled with turf toe last Sunday.  If the Falcons want the NFC South title, they need the win this Sunday or lose it to the Buccaneers.

The sportsbooks seem confident that the Falcons will still come out on top giving them a -6 point spread over the Raiders.  The big question is whether the books are giving out these odds because Jones says he is fine and will be playing because the Falcons may not be able to rely on wide receiver, Mohamed Sanu which will certainly add to the pressure.

Expect to see a line change later in the week as we receive news on whether Sanu will be playing against the Rams.

Eagles fans should be excited as wide receiver Jordan Matthews is expected to be back on the field after he missed last Sunday due to an ankle injury.  Not that a win will help them make the playoffs but it could affect your NFL Week 14 betting when they take on the Redskins.

So far, most books are hesitant to place a spread on this matchup but you may be able to find a few sportsbooks like that have the Redskins as a -1 favorite.

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