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2017 NFL Preseason Week 4 Prediction

2017 NFL Preseason Week 4 PredictionWe are now in the last week of the NFL Preseason and the teams are still looking to see which player will make the team roster for the regular NFL season.  This is the last opportunity for players vying to get a spot which will make tonight’s 16 preseason games even more interesting.

Don’t expect to see a lot of actions from the starters as each team will want to keep them in good health for the regular season.

 Bengals vs. Colts Prediction

The Bengals’ offense looked great when they took on Washington last week but their offensive line is still in question.  In addition, Vontaze Burfict is looking at a three game suspension

The Colts on the other hand have their own set of problems with Andrew Lick’s shoulder.  Either way, both teams have not looked very sharp during the preseason and could go either way.

The sportsbooks are predicting that this will be a close match with the Colts as the favorite with a -1.5 to-2 point spread.

Our prediction would be to take the Bengals at +2

Eagles vs. Jets Prediction

Whether you bet on this matchup or not this is one game that should be a fun watch with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg of the Jets both in the running to be the backup quarterback.  Despite having a sprained knee, Petty is still looking forward to play and may have a real shot considering that Hackenberg has not shown anything to be proud of during the preseason.

On the Eagle’s side, it looks like Matt McGloin will start for Philadelphia and Carson Wentz and wide receiver Alsho Jeffery will not be on the roster for this game.

Historically speaking are 0-10 all time record against Philadelphia for the regular NFL season.  Despite that record, the Jets are a 1 point favorite against the Eagles.

We have to go with the underdogs on this one, take the Eagles at +1

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Jaguars vs. Falcons Prediction

The Jacksonville Jaguarshave a current preseason record of 1-2 and are looking pretty good so far.  They have a lot of decent  rookies this year and it will all come down on how consistent their quarterbacks will be.

The Falcons on the other hand have an 0-3 record for the preseason and they have not shown a lot of scoring during the preseason which is unusual for them. It looks like their strategy is for their player to not get injured so they can give it their all during the regular NFL season.

On the betting side according the global sports betting software providers is that it is pretty rare for a team to go without any win during the preseason. Going on gut feelings, we take the Falcons at -3.

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