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2017 NFL Playoff Betting Predictions

2017 NFL Playoff Betting PredictionsIt’s crunch time with Super Bowl LI less than a month away and the online sportsbooks and the football handicappers are work overtime making and taking bets for NFL Divisional round this weekend.

So let’s take a look at the early NFL Playoff prediction based on the early odds and the current player injury roster.

Seahawks vs. Falcons Betting Prediction

The Falcons are the big favorite against the Seattle Seahawks according to most online sportsbooks like which is giving Atlanta a -5 point spread at a -225 money line.

The Falcons are currently on fire with three straight wins and are eagerly awaiting a rematch against the Seahawks after their last matchup ended up in a 24-26 loss back in October of 2016.  

For their part the Seahawks just managed to squeeze into the playoffs thanks to a a questionable call in their win last week against the Detroit Lions for the Wildcard spot.

In fact, NFL Football is so popular in the UK that the increase of games to be played in London is getting them closer to getting its own NFL franchise team.

Even though the Falcons have a history of choking when it comes to play off time, this time around, they will have the home team advantage and they will certainly cover the spread thanks to their high-powered offense.

Take the Falcons at -5

Game Time: Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 4:35PM

Texans vs. Patriots Betting Prediction

The jury is out that the Texans will probably lose when they take on the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium but the experts predict that they will go down swinging adding some doubt as to whether the Patriots can cover the spread.

On the other hand, Texans fans believe that they have a real chance of defeating the Patriots despite the Patriots being a 16 point favorite.  This is because the Texans finished the season as the NFL’s no. 1 defense and with Mercilus and Clowney, they can create enough pressure to throw Brady for a loop.

Despite all of this, we predict a definite win for the Patriots but they will not cover the spread.  Stay safe and bet on the money line!

Game Time: Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 8:15PM

Steelers vs. Chiefs Betting prediction

Even though the Chiefs are looking to redeem themselves against the Steelers from a  humiliating loss early in the 2017-17 NFL Season, professional football handicappers are divided as to the point spread making the Chiefs the favored team with a spread ranging from -1 to -2.

So far this season the Steelers have failed to cover the spread and have been having a tough season.  In addition, the Chiefs got a weekend to rest and will be a fresher team when they get on the field. 

The smart bet would be to go with the Chiefs at -1.5

Game Time: Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 1:05PM

Packers vs. Cowboys Betting Prediction

The Green Bay Packers are coming out of the Wild Card weekend all pumped up to take the win when they take on the Dallas Cowboy this Sunday but the sportsbooks disagree with them giving the Cowboys a -4.5 point spread as the favorite team.

Despite this being a matchup between the NFC’s best team and Green Bay have won 7 consecutive games, they will be facing a tough opponent that has a 13-3 record this season.

Even though the Cowboys have a defense that ranks no. 5 this season, the Packers may be able to get past it with the way Rogers has been playing this season.

However, the smart money is to take the Cowboys at -4.5 as they will certainly outscore Green Bay on their home turf.

Game Time: Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 4:40PM

If you are going to bet on the 2017 NFL Playoffs this weekend, make sure that you place your bet with a respectable sportsbook like or that is known in the industry for having reliable and fast payouts while at the same time giving you great sportsbook bonuses that will help you double that bankroll!

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