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FIDE Reprimanded Magnus Carlsen for Quitting a Match After a Move

fide reprimanded magnus carlsenThe International Chess Federation or FIDE reprimanded Magnus Carlsen for quitting an online chess match. The former world champion resigned after Hans Niemann made a move. However, FIDE said they shared Carlsen's concerns about how cheating can damage the sport.

FIDE said that the top chess player could have handled the situation better. They added that a World Champion has moral responsibility attached to the title because he is a global ambassador of chess. Also, Carlsen's actions can influence the reputation of his colleagues and results. In the end, it could damage chess.

According to bookie pay per head sources, Carlsen and Niemann were part of the Julius Baer Generation Cup when Carlsen resigned from the online match and turned off his camera. Also, he withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup earlier this month after Niemann defeated him. It was his first time withdrawing from a tournament.

FIDE Reprimanded Magnus Carlsen

GM Hikaru Nakamura told the media that Carlsen was dubious of Niemann's actions. Also, it came days after Niemann openly admitted he cheated when he was younger.

According to top sportsbooks, Niemann confessed to cheating at the ages of 12 and 16. However, he said in a meeting with the St. Louis Chess Club he had never deceived during in-person matches.

Neither of these competitions was under FIDE's jurisdiction. However, the association said it is responsible for safeguarding the game's trustworthiness and reputation. Also, they viewed that the incident kept on escalating. Thus, they had to take action.

FIDE said it commanded its Fair Play commission to investigate the cheating allegations thoroughly. Also, they would ensure fairness with their decision.

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