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Dozens of Major esports Events Suspended Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Dozens of Major esports Events Suspended Due to COVID-19 OutbreakTournament hosts and game publishers have united in the efforts to sport the spread of the coronavirus worldwide. Thus, they canceled dozens of major esports events. Most of them were flagship events.

As the COVID-19 virus spreads to more than 149 countries across the globe, the esports industry suspended, rescheduled, or outright canceled several conferences and tournaments. At present, the virus claimed 5,300 lives worldwide.

After several sports leagues shut down, tournament organizers followed suit and postponed several events to prevent the spread of the virus in the gaming community. One of the significant events affected by the coronavirus was the IEM Katowice.

Major esports Events and the coronavirus

Based on sportsbook PPH reviews, the Governor of Silesia, where Katowice is located, ordered organizers to hold the games behind closed doors.

FLASHPOINT League postponed its playoffs in Stockholm. Also, the ESL Pro League Season 11 will now be an online tournament. Dota 2 canceled ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Dota Major due to the travel ban imposed by President Trump. That means fans from Raymond Cruz in Costa Rica must wait for further announcements from Valve and ESL. However, ESL is looking into an alternative venue for the Major, according to online sportsbook sources.

League of Legend official events are suspended until further announcement. Both the League of Legends European Championship and the League of Legends Championship Series will take place at a later date.

The LEC Spring Finals will take place in the LEC Studios in Berlin. However, the event will not have a live audience. The League of Legends Pro League in China changed into an online format to continue the tournament in time of the coronavirus outbreak.

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