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Betting College Basketball This Season

Betting College Basketball This SeasonIt has been a long offseason, but college basketball has arrived. The season didn’t start as early this year after last season’s NCAA Tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though fans aren’t present in most venues, this doesn’t stop college basketball betting. The college basketball season gives bettors daily opportunities to win big.


But there are some things that you need to focus on to create long-term winning.


Here are some of those things to focus on for successful college basketball betting this season.

Pick a Market

College basketball is one of the toughest sports to successfully bet. However, it doesn’t have to be if you take the right approach.

People lose on college basketball all the time, but many of these people place bets without research. This season, more than 300 programs will play Division I basketball.

It’s impossible to focus on every single team. To create long-term betting wins, you need to know what a team looks like to place a confident wager.

Focusing on one conference is a great idea for most sports bettors. If you have more time, tackle two conferences.

However, never take on too much. It’s better to win consistently with a small market than frequently lose betting on a lot of teams.

Sportsbooks have hundreds of bets for a single competition. This gives you tons of ways to make money. Focus on one area of college basketball, and it will pay off.

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Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Not all sportsbooks were created equal. Professional handicappers use multiple sportsbooks for all sports.

Some books are known for generous lines, while others are not. This varies on every game, so it’s beneficial to use multiple sportsbooks.

A few points on the spread can make or break a bet. Better odds on a prop can give you an increased payout.

This is how you increase winnings. At the end of the day, betting is about winning. Using multiple sportsbooks heighten your chances to win on college basketball.

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Look for College Basketball Promotions

This goes along with using multiple sportsbooks. Sportsbooks will entice you to their site by offering promotions. These promotions vary, but examples include odds boosts, free bets, and basketball tournaments.

If you find the right bonus, it could create a big payout. The more sportsbooks that you use, the better chance you’ll have of finding a great promotion.

Contests and promos is a big reason why bettors are turning to America’s Bookie.

Don’t Neglect the Stats

Stats are big in college basketball. They display trends that occur with teams during the season. In addition to watching games, you should also focus on the statistics.

This goes beyond record and points per game. The advanced analytics that are available are a blessing. Don’t neglect these because they give you answers for tough bets.

This doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win. However, when you study analytics, you’ll have a much better shot to win big.

College hoops season is one of the best times of the year for bettors. Prepare for games by watching, studying statistics, and using multiple books. If you take this approach, good things will happen.

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