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The NBA Finals Are Finally Here: Game 1 Prediction

The NBA Finals Are Finally Here: Game 1 PredictionThe NBA finals are finally here and It comes as no surprise to many sports handicappers that this year’s NBA Finals will have the Cleveland going head to head against the Golden State Warriors.  The Warriors are looking to get back at the Cavaliers for the loss they incurred at last year’s NBA Finals but who can say which team will come out on top.

This will be the first time in the NBA that the two same teams will be playing for three years straight.  Both teams certainly deserve to be in the NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors with a 12-0 season and the Cleveland Cavaliers with as 12-1 season.

In fact, unless you are a Warriors or a Cavaliers fan, this NBA season has been a bit of a bore with these two teams dominating the league.

As the first game is set at 9PM ET this Thursday, many sportsbooks have their eyes on the Warriors to win the first game. 

Since both teams are fairly even, the main reasons the bookies favor the Warriors is because of the home-court advantage and had time to take a break. 

The Cavaliers on the other hand played one more game than the Warriors which may give the Warriors a slight advantage in terms of being in top physical shape. 

In order for the Cavaliers to stay competitive, LeBron James will have to be in the zone as he is the one that has been carrying the Cavaliers since the season started in term of shooting, rebounds and defense.  He will however have the support Love, Thompson and Green who are no pushovers.

The Golden State Warriors on the other hand not only have Curry, Durant, Thompson and Green as MVP but also have a lot of frontline talent which will give them the edge on the long run.

We have to agree that the Golden State Warriors will win Game 1 of the NBA Finals but can they cover the spread which is currently at -7 for the Warriors according to, a sports betting software company located in Costa Rica.

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