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The NBA Could Return By May

NBA Could return soonThe NBA was the first professional sports league in the US to suspend its games and, subsequently, its season. Rudy Gobert, center for Utah Jazz, was confirmed to have the Coronavirus, with other players following suit. This prompted officials to suspend the league until the situation is better- and safer. But according to NBA insiders, the NBA could return by May, but the experience will be different from what we are used to.

A lot of people have been successful in their efforts to open a pay per head casino to compensate for the loss of income due to the lack of sports games. After all, basketball is not the only sport that is on pause- the NHL is suspended as well, and the MLB is delaying its opening.

But as much as safety is the prime consideration in suspending leagues across the world, another concern is the danger this poses to the economy, as well as the employment and well-being of those who work in the sports and sports betting industry. Now, a careful balance between the two will have to be considered. 

NBA Could Return- What Will Change?

Team owners and league officials do not want to delay it as much as possible, but still maintain a degree of safety for everyone involved. Billions of dollars are at stake here. Even those who start a sportsbook are at risk of not earning because there is nothing to bet on. From an entertainment perspective, the games could also provide distraction for those who are homebound.

Currently, decision makers are focused on what the CDC has to say – especially with group gatherings. Coronavirus cases in the US are still rising, and until we see a flatter curve, it might take a while for leagues to resume operations. But there is also concern that people are losing livelihoods over this – from team staff, venue employees, and more. Even those who are learning how to be a bookie are not able to start their sports betting operation as of yet.

So far, insiders are looking at a resumption of games by May. Of course, things will change, even if this schedule will happen. Games may be played without a live audience, as previously considered. Some think that the worst-case scenario will be in June. In fact, people are betting on dates in sportsbooks now. Over/Under wagers on when they think the NBA will resume is probably one of the most popular wagers on basketball sportsbooks nowadays.

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