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2015 Women's World Cup - Germany vs. France Betting

2015 Women's World Cup - Germany vs FranceWith the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada now closing in on the finals, we have the German team playing the French team on Friday the 26th of June, 2015 with the game being played at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada.

The kick-off scheduled for 5 PM ET with the soccer fans eagerly counting down to game time while sportsbooks are taking bets on this soccer match-up

To date both the German and French teams have played exceptionally well, and both had the caliber to make it to the final. However, one of the team’s will be heading home early, as the two giants of Europe meet in the Quarterfinals.

If you are a fan of Germany and Bet on Soccer at an online sportsbook, your team gave no mercy to the Swedish team as they routed 4-1 the Scandinavians in this round of 16 games this past Saturday.

This German team that is ranked in the World at No.1 played the game against Swedish team as if they were of different leagues, and Sweden presently were ranked No, 5 in the World, as the Germans made the Swede’s appear inferior. From the time the game started, Germany dominated the game as they had 25 shot attempts at goal, with 11 on target and scoring 4 goals in the match-up. 

The 2 German strikers of C. Sasic and A. Mittag accounted for 3 of the 4 German goals in that game, and D. Marozan made the 4th goal with only 2 minutes left in the match. The 2 star strikes Sasic and Mittag in the four matches in the tournament have accounted for 5 goals each for a combined 10 goals in this tournament. 

This German squad has outperformed all their opponents to date, with the exception of their 1-1 draw with Norway. To date they have scored some 19 goals while conceding only 2 goals to date, and that is 11 goals more than the 2nd place team, France has scored.

In this match-up with Soccer team from France, the Germans will face their toughest opponent to date, but Germany has the defense than can that can stop the talented French forwards from scoring. The German defense in their 4 games, have only allowed 17 shots on goal attempts.

For the fans of France, your team has gained their form at the right time, as they routed Mexico in the final of their group, and blew out 3-0 South Korea in their round of 16 games. That was the 2nd game in which Les Bleues got an early 2 goal lead in the 1st ten minutes of those 2 games.

Inserting M. Delie has proven a good move, as in the last 2 games she scored 3 goals, plus adding Thomis to the starting roster has improved the French offensive attack, especially in or near the goal. Thus, France now has a combined score of 8 in the last 2 games with Delie and Thomis in the starting 11 for the team.

If there’s a team that can stay with the Germans in this tournament it’s the star striker attack of France with Delie and Le Sommer who each have scored 3 goals to date in this tournament. If the French can control the ball possession in the game and keep the ball away from the German strikers they have a chance of upset the Germans in this match-up.

The media experts predict that the Germans will come out winners in a highly contested game with a 2-1 victory.

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