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Using Multiple Sportsbooks is a Winning Strategy

Using Multiple Sportsbooks is a Winning StrategyIt’s essential that if you’re looking to profit on sports betting, you need to be strategic. You’re not going to make money from sports betting by being a fool. One of the best ways you can be the complete opposite of a fool involves exploiting the major advantage you have as a bettor: You can bet anywhere you want, and you can bet any number you want.

This is an important distinction from the bookmaker who creates the line.


Using this logic, we can strategically outsmart the bookmakers by making them give us a bet, and again, you have the luxury of choosing the bet.

It sounds obvious, but in truth, there is a deeper strategy here that most “square” bettors would otherwise overlook.

Here’s why using multiple sportsbooks is a winning strategy.

Get the Best Odds

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Optimizing Sportsbook Profits – Bookie PPH Tutorial

optimizing sportsbook profitsOne thing you need to know when you start a bookie business is to ensure a consistent profit. Maintaining a good cash flow will improve your chances of earning more. Also, it would help if you become an excellent player-manager. Those factors help in optimizing sportsbook profits.

Using the best PPH sportsbook will provide you with automated reports detailing players’ winnings, activities, betting patterns, and more. From there, you can see which players are helping your bottom line, and which ones make you lose money.

Optimizing Sportsbook Profits

The first step in optimizing the profits of your bookie business is ensuring you have enough players. You want to have a group of players who would balance your lines. Thus, it would help if you vetted players to have a good variety.

For instance, you don’t want all players who wager on favorites all the time. When that happens, you need to offload some of the action to other sportsbook pay per head. That’s why you should go for a combination of frequent players and recreational ones.

Maintaining a diverse player base means you have a good chance of balancing the lines. That’s the best way of optimizing your profits. Also, you want players to wager on sports frequently. One way to do so is to encourage them to wager.

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Pay Per Head Makes Your Life Easier

Pay Per Head Makes Your Life EasierThe pay per head has been a force for more than 25-years, but not all bookies know what it can do for them. You can start a pay per head business for no money down and low fees for active players. The reason the pay per works is simple; it gives you every tool needed to earn a great income and you do nothing. The PPH does your job for you. The PPH is the online gaming website, they are the sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook.

· Get in now and you will find that it doesn’t matter what is happening in the world, gamblers still gamble, and they are looking to bet on anything you throw your way. As a matter of fact, you players are playing right now, they are playing elsewhere, and this is costing you huge profits.

·We do not mean to send a reckless or insensitive message here, however, we do want to tell you the truth, the truth is this; COVID or no COVID, gamblers are gambling and if you are not online then you are simply missing the boat. You have nothing to offer your players right now in the way of sports, but this matters not.

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Gamblers Insurance: What It Is And How It Works

Gamblers Insurance: What It Is And How It Works Gambling affords players unlimited action … until they lose, of course. But luckily, a cold streak or one big loss doesn't have to take you out of the fight.

Here's where gambler's insurance comes into play.

America’s Bookie Offers Gambler’s Insurance on Your Betting Loses

No, it's not the kind of insurance you can order from a 1-800 number, but if you're a client at any reputable book, they should offer you some sort of gambler's insurance. With a better understanding of how gambler's insurance works and how to take advantage of it, you'll spend more time enjoying the action and less time sitting on the sidelines.

What is Gambler's Insurance?

As the name suggests, gambler's insurance is there for you in an emergency, so to speak. In simplest terms, it's a percentage paid back to a player who loses either a portion of their bankroll, or in most cases, their entire bankroll altogether.

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What You Need to Know About the Sports Betting Vig

What You Need to Know About the Sports Betting VigWhen learning how to be a successful bookie, one lesson you should learn is about the sports betting vig. Some people know it as the juice or the sportsbook’s cut. It is where your profits will come from.

When using a pay per head for bookie software, it automatically places the vig into the lines. That means you’ll earn money no matter how the game ends. That’s why it is vital you know how to compute the vig even if the technology does it for you.

For example, a spread with -110 means bettors wager $1.10 for a chance to win $1.00. Betting $110 will earn them $100 if they win. The $10 is the bookie’s cut from the bets. As you can see, you can make money even if players win.

Adjusting Sports Betting Vig

There are situations where you need to adjust the vig. According to sportsbook reviews, the industry standard for the juice is ten percent. However, there are situations where you need to decrease or increase your cut on each wager.

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Sports Betting - Selectivity Can Be Your Best Friend

Sports Betting - Selectivity Can Be Your Best Friend There may be a tendency on the part of some sports bettors to look at what they have in front of them in a sportsbook interface like a kid in a candy shop. There is so much at your fingertips that it is difficult to pass it all up. 

Yet in all likelihood you will  have to do just that in order to have any measure of success at this endeavor.

America’s Bookie Delivers Real Time Sports Betting Odds

We mean that.

One of the things you have at your disposal that can be used to your advantage is that you can PICK the games you wager on, while the house basically has to post everything. 

This is the principle of "selectivity," in which you are going to be very careful and discriminating as to which of the menu items you are going to put your money on.

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The Different Sports Betting Odds Formats

When getting into sports betting, you will most likely be visiting a lot of sportsbooks before you find one that you will like. And since online sports betting is a fast-growing industry, you will most likely encounter various bookie software from different countries or those who cater to different betting markets.

And when you look at different sportsbook pay per head sites, you will notice that the odds format is different from each other. Often, you will see decimal odds, although fractional odds are also popular in other countries. What exactly does this mean, and how does this affect the value of your bets?

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