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Seahawks QB Wilson Pressured to sign

Seahawks QB Wilson pressured to signThis is now the 2nd time in 2015 that Seahawks QB Wilson is on the one yard line, and time is running out for his opportunity to make the dough. In the Super Bowl, it was offensive coordinator to make the call, and this week the call is on Wilson.  

Because if Wilson does not make an agreement for a contract extension when they open training camp this week, he could play this season for his small $1.545 million, then wait to get a franchise take in February of 2016.  

The reason, being that the Seahawks will not permit contract talks to extend into their training camp sessions.


It’s only logical that they will make a deal, as he without a doubt is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. No question his team played a major role in his success to date, and the results rectify that.  In the regular seasons he has 36 wins and 12 losses, while in playoffs he has 6 wins and 2 losses, and has played in 2 Super Bowls to date.  

Since he signed with the Seahawks he has earned $3 million plus being a pick in the 3rd round of the draft. He certainly deserves more money, and it appears that Seattle is not trying to under pay him.  If there is a deal to be reached, the decision is in the hands of Wilson, but he recently hinted to the media that he was seeking a contract of the $25 million range. Many sports betting websites know that this decision  could greatly change the NFL betting as Wilson is a key player for the Seahawks.

The league’s leading salary for QB’s belongs to A. Rodgers of the Packers at $22 million and 2nd is with B. Roethlisberger at $21.75 each season. The Seahawks would like to sign Wilson to a deal that could be a bit more that $22 million, and that’s less than Wilson feels he’s worth.

The deal the developed this year’s QB market was that of Roethlisberger who has 2 SB Rings, played in 3 SB’s and comes off last season in which he threw for some 4,950 yards and led the team even as they struggled on defense.

Actually the salary range for QB’s will be next year in the range of $25 to $27 million when the NFL is anticipated to raise the salary cap by as much as some $10 million in 2016. That’s what’s causing a problem this time for Wilson as if he doesn’t sign he could lose some $16 to $22 million that he could put in the bank this 2015 and 2nd he could be neutered by an upcoming franchise tag that may range around $20.2 million or somewhat less depending on the cap numbers in 2016.

Time is running out and QB Wilson is seeking the big play, if he does not get the deal for $25 million he would be somewhat disappointed, but stay tuned as we will find out the week sooner or later.

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