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Top 6 Hottest NBA Wives and/or Girlfriends!

We were asked to take a look for the women who run the other side of the NBA, meaning wives and or girlfriends, and that was not an easy task.

Adrian Lima married to Marko Jaric of the Timberwolves

A panel of men and women were consulted and that did not simplify the task as one might imagine, however here’s our list of the Top 6.


#1 Adrian Lima

Our 1st on the list is Adrian Lima who is linked to the Timberwolves of Minnesota as she is married to Marko Jaric and they are the proud parents of a daughter Valentina.

She is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and a very high paid World Model from Brazil, Has modeled for Maybelline and is famous for quoting she is against sex before marriage and claims she was a virgin until married to Marko.

Gabriel Union#2 Gabriel Union

Gabriel Union whom is a girlfriend of Dwayne Wade Jr. of the Miami Heat.

She is a model who changer her career to acting, and has appeared in the movies Bring it on Bad Boys II and Love and Basketball.

When she was only 16 years of age she dated Jason Kidd, and like Kidd a point guard, her high school sports life was a guard on her high school women’s basketball team.  

Vanessa Bryant#3 Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant who is the wife of Lakers star Koby Bryant and when they first met she was just 17 and Kobe was 21. 

At the time she was a substitute dancer in The Eastsidaz a video and Kobe was trying to create a rap album at the same studio where she was dancing. 

They got married back in 2001 after dating for a period of some 6 months.  Kobe gave a ring worth $4 Million after he admitted being unfaithful and asking forgiveness.  

Eval Longoria

#4 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria who is the wife of Frenchman Tony Parker who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. She is famous for her role in Desperate Housewives, playing the role of Gaby Solis.

Previously she was married to T. Christopher when she acted with him on the show General Hospital on TV. 

Their plans are to move to Paris once both their careers terminate in the NBA for Tony and Desperate Housewives for Eva.  

Meghan Allen#5 Megha Allen

Meghan Allen is the girlfriend now of Devin Harris of the Dallas Mavericks.

She 1st got public attention on Momma’s Boy a reality show in TV and then did 8 episodes of the Fear Factor with then fiancé’ and then left him after being notified prior to getting married that he had another woman pregnant.

Then became a Playboy Bunny and a bartender in Dallas where she met Devin Harris.

Porschla Coleman#6 Porschla Coleman

If you Bet on the NBA at one of our preferred sportsbooks, then here is our 6th pick of NBA Wives and or Girlfriend’s with Porschla Coleman of Las Vegas,  a known model who is the girlfriend and mother of Jason Kidd’s child.

She is a model who first appeared with Kidd in an event for charity that was hosted by LeBron James back in 2010 and in that same year they birthed a daughter. 

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